Best CCTV Cameras in India for Home, Shop & Office

In the past, people used to have a notice board with the words “Beware of Dogs” on their gates to deter thieves. Today, you have them with the words, “This house is under CCTV surveillance.”

This sentence can send a shiver up the spines of wannabe thieves as no thief ever likes to get caught. The thief would always prefer to play safe.

Does it mean that you should have this board on your gates and try to bluff the thieves? Maybe, you could succeed, but it would be better to install CCTV security systems in your house to protect your valuable assets.

Most of the modern residential apartment complexes have this system to ensure the safety of the residents. Almost all offices, banks, jewelry shops, departmental stores, restaurants, and other business places have them as an additional layer of security.

The following are some best picks:

1. Sricam SP Series SP005 Wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV Indoor Security Camera

Sricam CCTV camera models are one of the best ones available on the Indian market. This camera is the ideal one to set up for your home because it is easy to install and simple to use.

You can control the camera through Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet by installing the specific mobile app.

This CCTV camera belongs to the PTZ category. You can set up this camera anywhere. Keep it on the kitchen or drawing room shelf or even hang it on the side wall or the ceiling with the help of wall-mounting brackets.

This camera comes equipped with an inbuilt microphone to enable you to listen to what is happening in the room. Hence, it is ideal to monitor vulnerable people like your children or the elders in the house.

The camera delivers 720p high-resolution images to help you view the targets. The 355-degree tilting feature enables this camera to cover as much area as possible.

Monitoring your targets is easy. All you have to ensure is to download the specific Sricam app from the official website and install the same on your smartphone or tablet. You can now log in and observe what is happening in your house from anywhere in the world. Controlling the camera is also possible from remote locations through this app.

This camera comes with motion detection features and IR night vision capabilities. Multiple viewers can use the app at the same time.

2. ThinkValue T8855 Wi-Fi Wireless HD IP Security Camera CCTV

ThinkValue is another reputed brand of CCTV camera that comes with exciting features. The USP of this CCTV camera is the ease with which you can set it up and start viewing the proceedings.

It comes with a fast Wi-Fi set up functionality that enables you to install and monitor the camera through a specific mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also access the camera from remote locations thereby ensuring that your loved ones are always in front of your eyes.

The in-built rotating motor allows you to rotate the camera and expand the FOV from anywhere in the world using your mobile app. This camera comes equipped with SD card slots whereby you can easily record the proceedings. The camera supports up to 128GB SD card memory.

You have two options to record. One is the 24X7 recording whereas the other one is the Alarm recording that starts recording only when the camera detects motion.

This camera has IR night vision capability whereby it can monitor objects within 16 feet even under pitch-dark conditions. Communicating with your loved ones and pets is also possible because of the in-built microphone.

The 720p resolution and extensive dynamic range features ensure that the images are of high quality. The dual motor design enables the camera to capture a 355-degree horizontal and 120-degree vertical view.

The motion detection feature senses any unnatural motion and sends an alarm to your smartphone and email along with the picture of the intruder. This feature makes it a useful app to have when you are away from your home.

3. D3D Wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV Indoor Security Camera – D8810

The D3D wireless camera has the distinction of being voted the best security camera system in the world.

The cloud recording feature keeps the recordings safe on the FTP server even if the camera is stolen or broken. This functionality separates the D3D camera from the others and makes it the favourite indoor camera system in the industry.

Controlling the camera from remote locations is easy as the particular mobile application allows you to monitor proceedings from anywhere. You can adjust the rotation of the camera horizontally and vertically to get a complete view of the surrounding.

The in-built IR lens enables night vision whereby the camera records events even in completely dark conditions. The Motion Detection feature alerts you through your smartphone and email if it senses any unnatural movement.

The camera comes equipped with a 2-way Audio and SD card slot to enable you to have video chats with your loved ones. The inbuilt microphone and speaker records the proceedings and stores them on the FTP server. This feature obviates the need for a DVR or a computer to save images.

4. Sricam SP018 2.0 MP Wireless Full HD 1080p IP Wi-Fi CCTV Indoor Security Camera

Sricam CCTV cameras are one of the most favoured security system cameras in India because of its exciting features. This CCTV camera is capable of capturing images with absolute clarity at FHD 1080p. Hence, you can view your targets.

The PTZ feature ensures that the camera covers as much area as possible. Using the remote controlling app, you can pan and tilt the camera up to 355 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically. The specific mobile app allows you to view the camera recordings from anywhere in the world.

The IR night vision functionality ensures that the camera records events in complete darkness as well. The presence of the inbuilt microphone enables you to communicate with your loved ones from anywhere. You can also listen to the audio. It is a priceless feature that allows elders and children to talk with you in case of an issue.

You can set up the motion detection feature at night. It will alert you on your smartphone and email if there is an unnatural motion in the periphery of the camera.

Installing the mobile app to control the camera is easy. You need to download the app, ‘Sricam’ from the app store and pair your smartphone with the app. The best aspect of this app is that multiple users can connect to the app and use it simultaneously.

5. Finicky World V380 Wireless HD IP Security Camera Dual Antenna Live View

Finicky World V380 wireless HD IP security camera is ideal for use in shops, offices, and factories. This indoor camera is easy to set up and install. As it is a wireless camera, you do not have to worry about the dangling wires all over the place. Set up the camera with your Wi-Fi network.

Controlling the camera using the supplied mobile app is easy. You can rotate the camera and switch angles from anywhere in the world. The inbuilt rotating motor is the highlighting feature of this PTZ camera.

This camera comes with an SD card provision whereby you can record images and video directly on the SD card. This camera supports a 64GB SD card.

The motion detection functionality is a useful one, especially during the night time. It alerts you on the smartphone if the camera detects any unnatural motion in its vicinity. The IR HD vision feature enables it to capture high quality HD images up to a distance of 16 feet even under pitch dark conditions.

The two-way audio function enables you to communicate with your pets and loved ones.

Those are our best picks and they are available in stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and more. Don’t forget to check their important Offers on your desired wallet tabulated in and get fruitful discounts.

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