Best Portable Washing Machines in India

For bachelors, students or a couple who shares their apartment or lives in rent, a typical 9-to-5 worker will not only find washing clothes a hassle, but also being able to afford a full scale washing machine and having a living space large enough to accommodate one seems difficult enough.

But portable washing machines are there for your rescue. These smaller and lighter machines turn such problems to dust. Portable washing machines are a thing of wonder and are a perfect buy for any person who wants mobility, less power consumption, and space management. Portable washing machines are cheap and affordable, fitting inside both one’s apartment and budget.

Unlike the bulky contraptions in the form of full sized washing machines, most households today own, a portable washing machine to do all the work of a full scale washing machine in almost half the size.

It does not need to be connected to your house plumbing and therefore removes the hassles of unexpected leaks and broken pipes. Just simply attach the rubber inlet to any household tap to fill up the washing machine and plug them into any socket and watch as the machine conveniently washes off the pesky stains.

The major advantage these machines have over traditional washing machines is the size. The much smaller size of these machines tends to allow them to fit in most places without hassle. They are also tons lighter than your average washing machine, while ensuring that they do the exact same job equally efficiently.

Portable washing machines are also much simpler to maintain. The regular ordeal of checking for leaks, changing washers, the incessant noise and heavy electric bill are all taken care of by these wonderful machines. Purchasing a wheeled dolly will allow the machine to be easily moved from one spot to another, removing the need for heavy lifting.

DMR 3 kg Portable Mini Washing Machine

DMR is a popular and reputed brand in the washing machine industry. This portable washing machine comes with a semi-transparent lid through which you can monitor the washing and drying. The washing machine uses a clockwise and anti-clockwise mechanism for washing dirty clothes efficiently.

This mechanism not only ensures the washing of stubborn dirt but also the removal of detergent residue and proper rinsing. The best part is that it does not require any installation and you can un-box and start using it immediately. Due to its overall convenience and performance, it deserves the top spot on the list.

This is a portable washing machine that comes in a compact size for easy fitting in limited space. On top of that, it is quite light in weight for easy movement.

It has single tub construction and a capacity of 3kg which means you can wash 6-7 clothes at a time in 15 minutes. The spin dryer capacity is 1.5 kg, and you can finish it in 6 minutes only. You can wash almost any type of clothes starting from bed sheets and curtains to jeans and skirts.

The overall price of the washing machine is relatively low, and it ensures low electricity consumption along with low water consumption. You can wash and dry your clothes, and there is a separate spin basket available with a cover.

Other Features Includes –

  • Collecting Lint – Collects lint separately and prevents mixing with clothes or settling down at the bottom.
  • Convenient Knobs – Easily switch from washing to drying mode and set the timer using the knobs.
  • Motor Type – Comes with a powerful copper motor for better performance and greater durability.
  • Auto Power Off – Set the timer of washing or drying and it shuts off automatically.
  • Fast Operation – Full load washing takes 15 minutes while spin-drying takes only 6 minutes.

With a 3kg capacity, the compact washing machine is suitable for people living alone, for babies and at most for couples. There is no headache of installation, and the washing and drying are efficient and effective. With low power and water consumption, it is an automatic choice for people with a limited budget and space availability.


  • Low power and water consumption.
  • Lightweight, compact, and easy portability.
  • Does not require any installation.
  • Perfect for single person or babies.
  • One-year warranty with free support.


  • The construction is not sturdy.
  • Not suitable for a family of 3 and beyond

Onida 6.5 kg Washer

This Onida washer is semi-automatic and top-loading washing machine with 6.5kg capacity. It has the unique hydraulic pulsator, and along with its powerful motor, it delivers outstanding performance and result. The detergent will penetrate the cloth fabric perfectly and remove the stubborn dirt and stain in just one wash. No wonder why it deserves the second spot on the list.

On top of that, it features an exclusive anti-rust fiber body for durability and the overall design is simply eye-catching. The build is quite sturdy and has protection against corrosion.

The machine comes with a unique buzzer facility for a reminder when the washing is done. There are also two different washing modes available for different cloth fabric. The transparent lid also allows you to monitor the washing.

It is designed for washing only, and the 270 W motor delivers a result that is beyond your expectation from a compact washer. It comes in a ready to use packing, and the company offers an easy return option.

Other Features Include –

  • Special Design – The design is distinct and sleek to accommodate in limited space and make the space grab attention.
  • Deeper Penetration – The unique hydraulic handle lets detergent penetrate deeper and remove all stain and dirt comfortably.
  • Comfortable Handle and Knob – Easy shifting from place to place and easy operation with ergonomic knobs.
  • Water Insertion – You can use a regular bucket, mug, or pipe that is connected to the pipe to fill in water.

If drying your clothes in the sun after washing is not a problem for you, this is an ideal washing machine for a family of 3-4 persons. The overall construction of the machine is quite compact, and the design is very eye-catching. The performance is outstanding, and the washing is very efficient. Moreover, it does not consume excessive power and its ready to use construction makes it all the more convenient.


  • Anti-rust and corrosion-free material construction.
  • Two different washing modes with different cloth fabrics.
  • Less power consumption with a high spin speed of 800 RPM.
  • One-year comprehensive warranty and 6 years on the motor.
  • Easy return option within 10 days of delivery.


  • There is no dryer available with it.
  • There is no lint filter provided.

Shen shell Gradient Company Mini Washing Machine

This is one of the best portable washing machines with single tub construction and capacity of 3.5kg. The product is small in size and extremely light in weight. The power rating is 250 watt, and therefore, it consumes very less electricity. The spinning speed is low which is good as it does not wrinkle the clothes. The water requirement on this machine is also quite limited. Thus, it certainly deserves its position!

It is more spacious than a usual 3kg washing machine. The built quality is quite strong and sturdy, and it is semi-transparent to monitor everything.

Coupled with that is a powerful motor! The motor is highly durable with copper construction which is quite normal in this segment.

The price is relatively less than the rest of the portable washing machine, and therefore, it is a total value for money product. It is also easy to operate, and even elderly people can use it without any issue.

The dryer basket is provided separately which you have to install inside the machine for drying after washing.

Other Features Include –

  • Material Construction – The body has high-grade plastic construction which is rustproof and corrosion-free.
  • Accessories – All the accessories starting from the inlet pipe and spin basket to the cover of the spin basket available.
  • Convenient Operation – There are two ergonomic knobs available for setting mode as well as for timer.
  • Travel-Friendly – The shape of the washing machine is more like a bucket, and it is easy to travel within the car trunk.

The portable washing machine has all the parameters balanced though some complaint about the dryer which is small in size and slow in speed. However, it is good for delicate clothes as the wrinkles will be less.

It is suitable for a single person and for baby clothes as most of the portable washing machines are in this range of capacity. If you have a slightly low budget, this could well be the washing machine for you.


  • Consumes low electricity and water.
  • Suitable for drying delicate clothes with low spin speed.
  • One-year warranty with free spare support.
  • Suitable for bachelors and washing baby clothes.
  • Easy to travel with due to compact and lightweight.


  • The dryer is small and hence, have to use it multiple times.
  • Water inflow is slow as the pipe is thin.

Hilton 3 kg Single-Tub Washing Machine with Dryer

This is another single tub washing machine with 3kg washing capacity and 1kg drying capacity. The overall construction makes it ideal for traveling. The machine follows clockwise and anticlockwise spinning mode for efficient cleaning. Besides, it is suitable for sensitive clothes as it has normal and gentle washing modes. Even though it is last on the list, it is very effective for bachelors and small families.

The material of the body is high-grade plastic which is tough and sturdy and it can easily withstand normal wear and tear.

The copper coated motor may not be very powerful, but it enables efficient cleaning. The specialty of the washing machine is that it consumes very less electricity and water. It is going to save you a lot of time as the washing time is 15 minutes and the drying time is 5 minutes.

It is perfect for bachelors, baby clothes, spas, hotels, paying guests and likewise. It can take 5-6 clothes of adults and 8-10 clothes of babies. Not just that, it is suitable for all cloth types starting from thick ones to delicate ones. You can carry it anywhere you want especially when you are traveling.

Other Features Include –

  • Convenient Knobs – There are two knobs available for switching between modes as well as to set time for automatic shut-off.
  • Inverter Friendly – It consumes very little electricity and therefore, a regular inverter can run the device comfortably.
  • Ready To Use – The product requires no installation as it is ready to use with the instructions in the manual.

It is one of the smallest and lightest portable washing machines available. With limited capacity, it is perfect for single people living away from home. On the other hand, it can be an exclusive machine for cleaning babies’ clothes. Due to its small size, it is light and compact and therefore, easy to move around. With solid construction and optimal performance, you can definitely afford it with a limited budget.


  • You can use hot water for cleaning.
  • Suitable for bachelors and cleaning baby clothes.
  • Consumes relatively less electricity.
  • One-year comprehensive warranty.
  • Can run on the inverter.


  • The dryer can dry only up to 30-40%.
  • The inline pipe supplied in the package is relatively small.

Those are our best picks and they are available in leading online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and more. Don’t forget to check their important Offers tabulated in and get fruitful discounts.

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