Best Pedestal Fans in India

Pedestal fans have become more popular these days with the convenience and ease of usage that they offer. These have been in the market for many decades now, but have lately been in demand more than the ceiling fans.

A pedestal fan need not be installed in a fixed place and can be freely moved around the office or house. It has an adjustable stand, rotatable head, and a platform that can be angled. If you are looking for the best pedestal fan, you can consider buying any of these.

Usha Maxx Air Pedestal Fan

Usha Maxx Air Pedestal Fan features an ABS body and plastic blades to protect itself from corrosion. It offers higher air delivery due to its aerodynamical design.

One of the best pedestal fans in India, it features a 55-Watt motor for powerful air delivery and a fuse that protects the motor during thermal overloading. It features a unique oil reservoir that is lubricated for better reliability and longer life.

V-Guard Gatimaan Pedestal Fan

V-Guard Gatimaan Pedestal Fan features a powerful 120W motor that provides airflow of 3178 cubic feet per minute (cfm). It delivers a high RPM of 2100 and is designed for unmatched performance. The motor is equipped with inbuilt overload protection. It comes with a 45cm base that ensures stability and the silicon steel lamination drives efficiency.

Orient Electric Stand 82 Pedestal Fan

Orient Electric Stand Pedestal Fan comes with a 53W motor that delivers an airflow of 2966 cfm. Its height can be easily adjusted for optimum air comfort.

One of the best pedestal fans in India, it has a powder-coated guard and a polymer ring that ensures a longer lifespan of this domestic stand fan. The Stand 82 fan is high on aesthetics and sports an attractive switch panel with 4-speed settings.

V-Guard Esfera Pedestal Fan

V-Guard Esfera packs a 52W motor that offers an airflow of 2295 cfm. It is equipped with a timer and remote control operation, making the user experience a breezy one.

It comes with three different speed settings and delivers a high RPM of 1300. This elegantly designed pedestal fan is the perfect buy for a more relaxed summer.

iBELL CHROME10 Pedestal Fan

iBELL CHROME10 Pedestal Fan features a strong body for durable life and more base stability. It has powder-coated metal grills that are resistant against corrosion for longer life.

It has a 5-leaf fan that provides an efficient cooling experience, and its 55W motor delivers high-speed airflow. The body sports speed control buttons and a timer switch for better control over the functions of the fan.

Usha Mist Air Icy Pedestal Fan

Usha Mist Air Icy Pedestal Fan features a 55W motor that offers an airflow of 2366 cfm. The motor can provide a fan rotation of 1280 RPM to deliver powerful cool air.

This 3-blade fan comes with a resettable fuse, easy tilting mechanism, and impressive air delivery to blow cool air effectively. It has 3-speed settings for a better cooling experience.

Croma 3 Blade Pedestal Fan

Croma CRF0022 Pedestal Fan is engineered with a powerful 110W copper motor that delivers an efficient airflow to soothe you from the humidity. One of the best standing fans in India, it has three different levels of speed settings and comes with timer control that allows you to set a time frame for the fan to operate.

To ensure equal distribution of cool air in all directions, you can press the auto-swing button to make the fan oscillate.

Usha Helix Pro Pedestal Fan

Usha Helix Pro pedestal fan features a 120W powerful 100% copper motor that offers a high speed of 2300 RPM and air delivery of 3460 cfm. It sports a modern and sleek drop-like body design for a modern d├ęcor.

This pedestal fan cools a vast area with uniform and jerk-free oscillation. It has three-speed settings for optimum cooling comfort.

Havells Swing Pedestal Fan

Havells Swing Pedestal Fan features a 55W motor that delivers a high airflow of 2542 cfm and high speed of 1350 RPM. It comes with a 2-hour timer setting to go off automatically after the set time-frame.

It provides wide-area cooling with smooth and jerk-free oscillation. This 3-blade pedestal fan comes with three speed settings that can be easily switched between using the buttons on the panel.

Bajaj Midea Pedestal Fan

Bajaj Midea BP 07 Pedestal Fan features a 3-blade design and comes with a 55W motor that offers a high speed of 1300 RPM and air delivery of 2648 cfm for faster and efficient cooling. One of the best pedestal fans in India, it has three speed settings that let you control the air breeze from the fan.

The three acrylic blades with 400mm sweep help in circulating cool air throughout the room for comfortable relief.

These fans will make your summers cooler by offering high-speed airflow and better cooling throughout the room. Some of these fans even come with timer control function to offer better user experience so you can enjoy cooler air for a set time-frame during the warm afternoon.

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