Black Friday 2020

Black Friday, one of the biggest sales in the United States, comes next to Cyber Monday and is celebrated after Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday offers a great chance for online customers worldwide to get amazing deals from global e-Commerce websites.

This is also a good time of the year for those who would like to get good black Friday deals from International websites and ship products to India.

Check out the amazing Black Friday Offers and discounts up to 80% from international as well as domestic merchants! This will help you save this exciting season. Why spend as per MRP when you can get flat discounts and cashback offers! So this time of year, while you shop, make it economical as well by using online offers.

Black Friday is a sought after sale period that most people in the United States look forward to. Thus the number of sales during this period are many especially in other countries. You can find great discounts on everything when you shop from US based websites. India is slowly adapting the tradition of Black Friday sales, but we have a long way to go. Until then order your dream products from international sites.

How to prepare yourself for the Black Friday Sale if you are in India:

  1. Make a list of products that you want to buy
  2. Sign up with a third party parcel forwarding service* for sites that don’t ship to India
  3. Compare prices of goods offered on all e-retailers before buying.
  4. Keep currency converters ready

Sign up With a Parcel Forwarding Service that Might Cost You a Nominal One-Time Fee. Once You Are Signed In, You Will Get the Address of A Warehouse Where All Your Purchased Items Will Be Hoarded Before Shipping Them to Your Address.

Examples of Parcel Forwarding Service: Shipito, FedEx, Taqtaq

Black Friday Sale- What to buy and what to avoid?

Buy – Gadgets which are lightweight and easy to ship without burning a hole in your wallet like smart wearables and home devices, speakers, shoes, and fashion clothing. Subscription programs for hosting and educational programs is a hit too!

Don’t Shop from Unknown Websites However Lucrative the Deal, or Attractive the Product Is!

Always Keep Shipping Charges and Customs Fee in Mind

Where to buy from using Black Friday deals:

Well, there are many international websites that ship their products to India (inclusive or exclusive of shipping cost). In case if you wish to get over the hassle of setting up package forwarding, shipping charges then Amazon is a good choice. It lets you order and ship products to India.

You can choose from a variety of well-known e-commerce sites to shop global products to India effortlessly if you’re willing to pay the shipping charges. Trusted options and the websites that provide tracking facilities aren’t too many. But if you can stretch your budget a little more and are willing to buy a product that is otherwise hard to find on local sites, here are a few websites that we recommend to use and enjoy a low-cost solution to ship products from global retailers to India.

This store doesn’t need any introduction. Amazon is one of the leading websites worldwide. This website ships a few products (big purchases/ exclusive launches and sale) and for the rest offers the cheapest shipping method. Amazon offers fairly reliable shipping charges which will be much less than international exchange rates.

This global store is a one-stop-shop for a wide range of products. You will love to shop from their comprehensive list of products using Amazon coupons and save on your shopping and international shipping.

Macy’s is one of the largest online retailers in the USA. Here you can get about anything and everything from clothing, jewelry, furniture to beauty products and more.

Black Friday deals right now are offering you up to 70% discounts and more on a range of products. You can check the rates in Indian rupees so you don’t have to convert the currency constantly. Macy’s deliver to over 200 countries worldwide (including India). You just need to adjust the country and currency through the link at the bottom of the page.

Domestic Sites Like Flipkart, Paytm Mall, Amazon, Nykaa Are Also Providing Exciting Black Friday Deals. in Fact, Paytm Mall Has Started the Black Friday Deals on Electronics Home Decor and Automotive Goods. Other than Amazon, Brands Like Asos, Nike, Currys Pc World Would Also Join the Black Friday Sale.

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