Best Budget Air Coolers

Air coolers are no more about rusty and bulky bodies that make noise and take a lot of space. Modern coolers are slim, smart, quiet, extremely effective, and energy-efficient.

They give you the freedom to easily move them from one room to another and they work the best in spaces with good air ventilation. Latest technologies are being adopted to make them suitable for the needs of modern urban homes – like multiple filters to keep pollen, dust, and allergens away, high-performance motors and pumps to enhance cooling capabilities, airspeed controls, and so on.

To choose one suitable pick for your home or office space, look at our curated list of modern-day coolers that have been rated high on performance, features, durability, and more. Each of them has some unique features that make it more suitable than the other for specific customer needs.

1. Bajaj Platini Air Cooler

This 36 liters capacity cooler is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms. You get 3-way cooling and 3-way speed control. The cooler’s power rating is 100 watts and it works on the inverter as well. This fascinating cooler is suitable for all climates and is effective even in areas with high humidity.

The cooler has 4-way deflection and 3-side cooling pads to ensure effective cooling.

2. iBELL DESIRE Air Cooler

This cooler looks fantastic with its slim body and classic colours. It consumes less power and throws air up to 25 feet. The design is sleek and modular which makes it a perfect option for smaller rooms as it does not take up much space. It has 3 speed controls and air swing function. Since it is a tower cooler, you don’t need water to run it.

This cooler has a white and black body which is glossy and rust-free.

3. Symphony HiCool-i Modern Air Cooler

If you need an effective cooling solution for a small room, go for this personal cooler with a water capacity of 31 litres. It ensures superior circulation and cooling with its exclusive honey comb pads and powerful fan. It features an easy-to-use touch control panel with a full-function remote system.

It brings you fresh, filtered, and cool air free of common allergens, bacteria and foul odour.

4. Orient Electric Smartcool Air Cooler

This Smartcool Air Cooler operates on a high-performance motor along with other cooling features such as an ice chamber, honeycomb pads and 4-way cooling. To control cooling and air flow, you can choose from 3 motor speeds, and also adjust the louvers. Besides, cooling, it also filters out dust and pollens from the air.

Its rust proof, high gloss ABS body keeps it safe from corrosion for a long time.

5. Symphony Diet Air Cooler

Ideal for small but open spaces, Symphony is your slim cooling companion that’s easily portable and fits almost anywhere. While most features remain the same, the powerful Diet 12T dura-pump makes it stand out for its long pump life. And of course, it’s a diet cooler so saves a lot of energy as well.

It consumes only 170 watts of energy, which means it practically runs on the operating cost of a fan.

Those are our best picks and they are available in leading online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and more. Don’t forget to check their important Offers tabulated in and get fruitful discounts.

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