Best Cooling Pads for Extensive Laptop Users

Most people rely on laptops for tasks like editing, gaming, or even content creation. With such heavy tasks, laptops often get extremely hot, and the internal fan is not enough to keep them cool.

Cooling pads help bring the temperature down and prevent the damage that can happen due to excessive heating. If you have been looking for one, check out our recommendations of the best cooling pads in a budget.

1. Cosmic Byte Asteroid

Cosmic Byte Asteroid is a highly impressive cooling pad that uses five fans – the one in the middle is a 140mm fan, surrounded by four smaller 80mm fans. Its height can be adjusted at seven different levels to help you find the most comfortable working position. The surface is made of sturdy metallic mesh and has an in-built stopper to prevent the laptop from slipping. It can be easily connected to laptops using the USB port. In fact, it has two USB ports – one connects as a power input, and the other can be used to connect keyboard, mouse, etc.

This cooling pad has an eye-catching led lighting that creates a gaming atmosphere.

2. Photron

Suitable for notebooks and laptops up to 13-inches, Photron cooling pad features an ultra-slim design that is edgy and attractive. It has two fans enclosed in a durable plastic body. The iron mesh on the top is excellent for quick heat dissipation.

It features two 140mm fans with blue LED lights around them, that light up when it is connected with the laptop. The connecting USB cable can be wrapped around the slot beneath the cooling pad to avoid tangling. Its feet are wrapped in anti-slip rubber pads for standing stability.

This cooling pad is sleek, lightweight and has two foldable feet that make it easy to store.

3. Zinq Technologies Cool Slate

Zinq Technologies Cool Slate is an ultra-slim laptop cooler that can also double up as an anti-skid laptop stand. It is a sturdy product with breathable metal mesh on top. It features four large fans and one extra-large fan in the centre for superior airflow at whisper-quiet noise levels.

The LED lights on the fans light up when in use. The easy fan controller switch lets you toggle between fan speeds. The cooler fits laptops of sizes up to 17 inches.

This cooling pad comes with two built-in USB ports allowing you to connect other USB devices.

4. LAPCARE ChillMate Adjustable

Lapcare Chillmate is an ergonomically designed cooling pad to regulate heat through optimum airflow efficiently. Its metal mesh surface helps prevent your device from overheating. It features two high-capacity 125mm fans that are super quiet so you can remain focused on your work or game.

It has an angled modulated design that offers six height adjustments according to your preference and a rubber finish under the stand for a comfortable grip. It has dual USB ports to connect it to your laptop to operate while also giving you an additional port to connect your peripherals, such as a pen drive, keyboard, or mouse. The fans are complemented with single-color LEDs that light up when the laptop cooler is in use. It is suitable for laptops with up to 15.6-inch screens.

This cooling pad comes with an elegant rubber finish that offers six adjustment height angles and two stoppers at the top to keep the laptop from sliding while at higher angles.

5. Deepcool Gaming Cooler

Deepcool N80 is one of the best cooling pads available online, which is on the higher side when speaking about the cost. It features a sturdy metallic body that significantly increases heat conduction efficiency to dissipate heat out of the laptop evenly.

It features dual 140mm silent fans to enhance heat dissipation quietly with a speed of 800RPM. The base features two adjustable supporting angles to accommodate different preferences of the user. At the top, four rubber pads help keep your laptop stable and in place while using at an angle.

The highlight of the Deepcool N80 cooling pad is its RGB LED lighting strip that features up to 6 illumination modes. It features a capacitive touch key for switching colors and illumination modes and can also turn on/off the light with a double click. The cooling pad features dual USB ports that provide you with another USB port to be used to connect peripherals when it is connected to your laptop.

This cooling pad features RGB lighting to give your work or gaming setup a premium look.

Those are our best picks and they are available in leading online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and more. Don’t forget to check their important Offers tabulated in and get fruitful discounts.

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