Best Dash Cams in India For Cars 2020

Dash Cameras in India are relatively a new concept, they’re Circuit Cameras, with recording and reporting capability installed in your four wheeler for an array of multiple benefits.

But being a new concept, there are likely chances that many hawkers and vendors around the market might trick you into buying shoddy devices.

So, after doing a lot of research we have curated a list of the top dash cams to buy online.

Before knowing which ones to buy, you need to be aware of what you’re looking for. Getting a Dashboard Camera is not only for sport but a serious investment as well, like you’d do for a seat-belt or Car stereo system. Watch out for the following checks before you get one:-

GPS and Wi-fi Enabled Recorders

Most of them might not provide you such a feature but mind you, it’s an important feature to look out for. For starters, it helps separate the rookies from the elite ones and besides that, it offers a great advantage in terms of connectivity during emergencies and memory optimization.

No of Channels, Single-Double-Mutli

Do you want to only record what’s in front of your windshield or are you concerned about what goes on inside the car? Then you need a multi-channel Dashboard Camcorder. A Multiple channel recorder puts you at the advantage of providing you angles as per your need (or as per your pocket budget). This seems to provide an edge over the other ones when it comes to protecting the car from inside.

Other factors include:-

  • Screen Factor | Touch Screen | No Screen | App enabled
  • Gravity Sensor and Auto Record Facility
  • Mounting Options | Suction Cup | Adhesive | Hard Clipped
  • Recording Quality | FPS | Pixels and Bitrate
  • Hardwire or Battery set Compatibility for Remote Operation, etc.

Best Dash Cameras For Cars in India

There are very limited Indian Brands for Dash Cams and most of them are basically the versions or channel partners of better known foreign giants. So we won’t discuss brands this time, instead, we’d directly dive into the pool of information. Behold the best in class, ten picks for the most suitable Dash Cameras.

 1. DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera

1) This the best non screen dash cam with all advanced features at a very budget price. If I were you this is the one that I would be buying.

2) The design is very compact , so it won’t obstruct your vision while driving.

3) Very suitable for Indian climate , you don’t have to cover it or anything. Just leave it as it is.

4) You can install the app and download videos from there.

5) Loop recording which overwrites the old footage with new footage when the memory card is filled.  G-sensor auto-detects any shake/collision and saves it as an event file.

6) All is all , this is the best budget option out there.

2. 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro 1944P HD Camera

1) This is one of the latest new additions in our list , 70mai. It impressed me by it’s reasonable price and some delightful features.

2) This camera has the inbuilt screen , which is great if you want to browse gallery or settings.

3) Comes with Time Lapse , Motion Detection ( G-Sensor) and 24 hour monitor option. Also can keep recording during parking,

4) Features worth mentioning.

  • WiFi
  • HDMI output
  • Parking Monitoring
  • Loop-cycle Recording
  • Night Vision

5) One more interesting feature is the advance driver alert system , which alerts you when you are going off lane or about to hit another vehicle.

 3. AUKEY Dash Cam

1) A very simple , compact and lightweight dash cam that does the job well.

2) 10 min of recording at 1080p will take up 1 GB of space and this dash cam is compatible up to 128 GB memory card. While most other dash cams support up to 64 GB cards only.

3) Comes equipped with both loop recording and emergency recording.

4) Two other features worth pointing out are 170° Wide Angle Lens and night vision.

5) All in all this is the best option for a screen equipped dash cam. It comes with a 2 year warranty.

4. Blueskysea B1W WiFi Mini Dash Cam 

1) This is a tiny beast with a powerful punch , then one that you have been looking for. Just install it and forget.

2) This product is a non screen one , so if you want something with a screen. Then check out the option below.

3) It gives a voice confirmation when starting to record. So that you know it’s working.

4) 360 Degree Rotatable Lens so you can record both inside and outside of the car as needed.

5) The cost is to quality ratio is good , only lower the DDPAI above and installation is easy.

5. Novatek Car Camera DVR

1) Talking in terms of original and indigenous tech, this company holds the patent for its sensors.

2) The separate assembly of two cameras provides non-interference in recordings and easy file locking mechanism.

3) The best feature of this Dash Cam is the IPS screen which is the screen used in smartphones and provide crystal clear display.

4) You can modulate between menus of recording with the simple touch panel.

5) 32 GB Auto Start-Off capable, G Sensor, and No-Dead angle feature also supports its ability to record at any position and at any angle.

6) Novatek comes with the promise of original technology and additionally you should buy this one for sheer ease of use.

 6. SJCam SJ4000 12MP Wifi Action Camera

(Action Camera Cum Dash Camera)

1) This one’s a multi-purpose solution for adventure enthusiasts.

2) It can double back as a Water Sports recorder with 30 meters underwater resistance, image stabilization for two-wheeler sports, and an extremely wide angle of 170° for climbers and trekkers.

3) Widely used as Dashboard Camera SJ4000 is known for its sensory capabilities to capture the important parts of any interactions and for its interchangeability options for mounting facilities.

4) The Camera supports a 32 GB Loop Recording Capacity, and has a high definition screen for replaying the videos.

5) Choose this one for the sophistication and customization that it provides in terms of your on-road adventures.

 7. Procus Convoy

1) It has twin channels for both inside and on road recording.

2) GPS Enabled and Wi-Fi Supported this camera also has a Gyro Sensor which helps greatly in image stabilization.

3) The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Tech of the Procus Dashboard Camera helps one in capture on-road spectacles and that too in good quality.

4) Loop recording enabled with a 32GB flash memory makes it virtually an unlimited storage device.

5) It comes in both dash mounted variants and adhesive patches as well.

6) Pick this one for the feature-loaded offering along with the trust that Procus holds among professional Car Racing teams.

 8. Transcend Driver Pro 200

1) Recording quality on your mind? Go for Transcend Driver Pro.

2) With the 7 layer lens and Infrared filtering this one literally eliminates the fogging issue and helps in capturing the best of the shots even in the toughest of the climates.

3) Besides it also sports an Image Sensor and Low Light Sensitivity CMOS which delivers 30fps of some awesome footage both inside and outside the vehicle.

4) The relatively smaller LCD Display helps in keeping your dash free of space and still provides some slick video recording.

5) What more? It comes with a two year warranty and the industry might of Transcend.

6) Low light imaging, Night Recording, and high definition video; you got one solution for it and that’s Transcend Driver Pro.

 9. Drumstone Mini 1080p HD

1) 2.4 inch of design and 200g of simple weight, Drumstone in this industry of Car Camcorders works to provide the best in class user dynamics.

2) The design is what one falls in love with, the dual side recording, Auto Recording technology and choice of video recording modes are things exclusive from other market offerings.

3) Can be mounted on windshield and dashboard likewise, the view screen unfolds rather schematically either way.

4) The energy-saving capability with Auto-On/Off is also one feature that is not commonly offered. Get this one for the exclusivity it offers for the very optimized price band.

 10. Lambent Mini Car Full HD 1080p

1) This one gets as slim and as functional as they come.

2) The lightest and most compact in design, incorporated suction plug; and the best of all spring loaded anti shake safe, Lambent has got everything covered twice.

3) The Image Stabilization CMOS instead of Low Light intensity CMOS assists in better clarity of image.

4) It’s not an understatement when we say that this could be most cost effective piece of equipment in the range around the market.

5) It has got a 2.4inch TFT Screen display as well, and the one year all India Replacement Warranty is something that some of our trusted travellers have vouched for.

6) Pick this for a low cost solution that does the purpose.

 11. Transcend Driver Pro 230 Wifi Supported

1) In the line of Driver Pro series by Transcend, the company provides the solution for only HD Lovers.

2) This Cam works in full HD capacity with 1920*1080 pixels video recording and a Shake Proof Chipset that acts as the second confirmation.

3) The Dash Cam need not be hard-wired by an Adapter or car charger, instead, it has a Li-Ion Battery installed for continuous power in emergency cases even when the car is off.

4) Serves right for vandalism and car theft proofs. Has Wi-fi connectivity and is powered by App-Enabled service under the name of Driver Pro (Andorid and iOS).

5) It’s an advanced Dash Camera in every aspect along with a 2-year warranty.

 12. Wonder World™ On-Dash Video DashCam

1) Flash Capture is something that your videos and pictures all about, then you’d be glad to know that this one’s got 6 of those.

2) 6-LED light sets, Rotatable LCD Visual that accommodates almost any angle of installation, with 64GB supportable memory slot; this certainly covers every checkbox that you expect from your Dash Cam.

3) Motion Sensing and Direct AV Support for Direct Visual output is something that enthusiasts would really appreciate.

4) The best feature; it’s got an integrated microphone for optimized audio visual recording.

5) Meet the boss of the Dash Cam world, pick this Wonder World On Dash Dash Cam Recorder for the superiority it provides above other competitors.

 13. Alria Backup Dash Cam

1) If you have a habit of an honest driver and the hand eye coordination between Rear View mirrors-to-steering wheel is something that you’re a master of, chose this one.

2) The Dash Cam comes with straps and assembly parts for mounting the device on your rear view mirror where it splits with ease into a magnified Rear View and 4.3 inch TFT Screen at the same time.

3) Comes loaded with all the best in class features, G-Sensor, In-Built Microphone for Audio recording, Speaker for Playback options, 165° viewing angle, CMOS for low light recording, 350mAH Lithium Battery and a very user friendly interface.

4) Choose this if you mean business only and you don’t want to keep meddling with the recording while driving. Utility and functionality at its best.

 14. SJCam M20 Dash Camera

1) Let’s say you’re a photography enthusiast and you know your pixels, angles or say shutters.

2) This marvel from SJCam comes with 4K video quality capture. With a maximum shutter speed of 1/2000 sec this camera is prepared for those quality road shoots.

3) It’s also got Gyro Image Stabilization (better than the rest) and is customizable as a a Tripod Cam for Still photography in case you want to use it outside the car.

4) Also has a 900mAH Battery backup and comes with under water resistance capacity which makes it ideal of on-the-windshield mounting applications as well.

5) FOV wide-angle lenses, and 128GB customizable storage, this camera is a one-stop solution for all your tech requirements from any DashBoard Camera Recording Solution.

Either way you need a Dash Cam: For the love of your Car

Russians have go it all sorted out, their traffic controllers cannot even think of asking for bribe, because the russians drive with live proofs all the time: The Dash Cams.

We Indians on the other hand are at the mercy of our bargaining skills. Besides security of your most prized possession, the Car/Four-Wheeler is always a prime concern, the iCats lock and even the fingerprint door might not even cut in with those reckless Car Lifters.

What you need is a Dash Cam. Besides the main Indian way of using the Dash Cam is otherwise established well enough, so help yourself to record those Road Trips and getaways. May the mountains be as good in your videos as you have them in your memories.

Those are our best picks and they are available in stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and more. Don’t forget to check their important Offers on your desired wallet tabulated in and get fruitful discounts.

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