Best Online Portals to Buy Cleaning Supplies

This 2020 year’s COVID -19 outbreak has brought about a drastic changed in the way we maintain cleanliness and personal hygiene. Before these pandemic ordinary cleaners, soaps and soap water did the job. But from now on it is a must to use alcohol-based disinfectants and cleaners to protect ourselves and our family from the risk of coronavirus attack.

Good hygiene especially become vital post the lockdown period where free movement of people resume, and individuals and families are at a greater risk of coming in contact with the coronavirus. The following are some best online portals to buy cleaning accessories and products to disinfect and sanitize your home and surroundings.


Amazon possesses a wide range of cleaning accessories and cleaning supplies. You can find a broad range of cleaning products like – spin mops, microfiber cleaning cloths, hand sanitizers, and alcohol-based disinfectant sprays, and more and you can choose from multiple brands and varieties.


Flipkart also provides a huge range of house cleaning and hygiene supplies. From mops to floor cleaners to disinfectants, hand sanitizers, and disposable hand gloves, etc, with fruitful discounts.


ShopClues is well known for selling budget mobile accessories and cut-price products. Also, with regards to cleaning supplies and products, ShopClues offers a wide range of budget-friendly cleaning and hygiene accessories. From hand sanitizers to disinfectant & floor cleaners, spin mops, disposable gloves, etc. You can find all the essential cleaning accessories on ShopClues at budget-friendly prices.

Paytm Mall

Paytm Mall has also listed various cleaning supplies and essentials under the health & lifestyle category and home cleaning category. You can find disinfectant sprays and sanitizers from multiple brands in various quantities, and also mops, cloths, wipers and vacuum cleaners that will help you keep your house neat & clean.

Those are our best picks to find various useful Cleaning Products at a fair price. Also, keep an eye on their Offers on our page SavePlus to achieve huge discounts. Sign Up now and keep track of all of them.

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