Top Mobile Apps that save you a Lot of Money

There is a saying “A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart”. Well that indeed give everyone a lot of answers. The precious thing is just your brain but not the money. Money can come to your doorstep if you logically apply common sense and apply better effort on each and every thing in our daily life.

Now Inspirational Quotes apart and here we present the best money saving applications that can be used in your smartphone or in Web with a small effort.


Wizely is just like a digital piggy bank, in fact, a bit better than that. The app looks super simple and soo user-friendly. The only thing you can do is save money in the Wizely account just like the Piggybank. And if you are looking for any similar apps like Wizely to the same money in this method, you cannot find them such easily and definitely hard in India.

The amount you stored in Wizely is totally safe and trustable. You can withdraw your money whenever you want, but you should not if you really want to save money. Anyhow, everything is in your hands.

So you might be thinking, why can’t you use a savings bank account. The Wizely app has its advantages over the bank. As it pays you more interest than banks.


Monito is a simple expense tracking app. If you really want to save money, you should definitely stop spending money on unnecessary things, and maintain your expenses properly.

Monito does the exact same thing, you can add every transaction you do and check where you spending more. The simplicity and graphs to show your expenses made this app to be the 2nd in this list.


Walnut is also a money management app where it tracks your transactions automatically. When even you transferred your amount from the bank, online banking, or any online wallets, Walnut recognizes it and shows you the data automatically.

You don’t need to worry about any security issues, Walnut doesn’t take any of your data from banks or any app you are using, it just calculates by reading your SMS.

You will get an SMS whenever you transferred your data or whenever you used it. Walnut just reads your SMS’s, so that it can understand whenever you spend you spend and calculates automatically.

My Smart Price

My Smart Price is the best E-commerce app. It doesn’t sell you directly like Flipkart or Amazon, but when you search for any product on that app, it will show you the present prices of many E-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon.

Google Pay

Among all payments apps, Google pay has a special place for the rewards it offers. Phone Pe and other UPI apps have offers and also good, but Google Pay is just simple and the rewards are good than the remaining. Firstly it is made by Google and it has good security undoubtedly.

Secondly, you can transfer the amount between your friends and family and also to the people nearby you. You can also pay Current bill, DTH, Gas, Phone Recharge, Broadband, etc. and the best part is you can do all these by getting rewards.

The best thing is UPI apps don’t have a separate Wallet, all your transferred amount will be transferred to the bank directly without any wallet in between.

Crown it

This is a really great concept to Save money. You may go to the supermarket, restaurant, theatre, Park or do some online shopping, you will get a bill for it. And you can use that bill to get back your money.

All you need to do is to take a picture of that bill and upload it to Crown. Then it takes 2 days’ time to verify the bill and give either 50% of cashback or give you a chance to win the iPhone.


Cred is an amazingly rewarding app if you use Credit cards. This app is entirely about Credit cards and paying back the bill with an extra bonus for you. Once you signed in and uploaded your card details, Cred collects the data about how much you need to pay this month and when is the last date.

It also reminds you of the due date to pay the bill. So you don’t be facing any issues with interests and penalties. And here comes the best part, you will be receiving points every time you pay the credit bill and those points can be used to buy something online, book a ticket or order food.


Hooper is an app that will so much useful when booking a ticket for a flight. After opening the app, you just need to choose the “From Where” and “To Where” points, and Hooper will instantly show you the days where you can get a ticket for cheap and the days which are costly due to high demand.

It also shows the flights which are cheap, so that you can get a flight ticket for the cheapest rate possible. Though you cannot book a flight directly through Hooper, it will help to find the day and the flight which is cheaper.

Those are our best picks of Apps that are money saving and if you have some suggestions keep them in the Comment section below. Also, keep visiting our SavePlus webpage to get the latest updated information of all the money saving Coupon Codes, Deals and much more. Sign Up Now.

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