Must-Have Accessories for The Indian Monsoon

Monsoon has started already and during this wet season, everything must be planned as you may end up with Cold or Viral fever when not taken care of. To help you we suggest the following accessories as daily essentials that will make your commute during the rains easy and enjoyable.

Waterproof Pouch for Smartphones

Smartphone has become one of the inner body parts for many people LOL. In rainy season if you neglect its protect protection you’ll end up losing your smartphone along with valuable data in it. So, the best suggestion is to carry a similar pouch displayed here that blocks the water effectively.

Rain Cover For Backpacks

Rains can occur almost all of a sudden and chances are you may get wet while coming to your house or to any place. If your Laptop and other office files are in our bag you either end up either reaching home late waiting for the rain to stop or getting your accessories useless due to water. So, the best suggestion for you is to carry a Rain Cover designed for backpacks.

Strong Mosquito Repellent Cream

Rainy season is the best moment for all kinds of insects and especially for Mosquitoes. If you want to save yourself from dangerous diseases such as Dengue, Malaria and other viral fevers get rid of mosquitoes with accessories such as Mosquito Coils, Curtains. In addition take advantage of the Mosquito repellent Creams and fight mosquitoes in an effective way.


On a windy day carrying an Umbrella might not help. Best replace that with a lightweight Rain Coat and that might help you a lot.

Sandals or Gumboots

If there is any sort of walking involved during your everyday travels in monsoon, it is better to have a spare pair of monsoon footwear like – sandals, chappals, or gumboots. This will help you avoid wearing and cleaning your favorite pair of footwear every day during the monsoon and will also save your pants and trousers from getting dirty in the muddy rainwater to some limit.

These accessories are available at all Online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, and more. Check their prices on your desired website and before checking out take a look at important offers tabulated in and get great discounts on them.

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