Best Smartphone Accessories for Vloggers

Vlogging is one of the recently sprouted Online Earning means along with having fun in various destinations. Vloggers generally record each and every memorable moment of their journey as a Video and post their experiences on social platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

As the smartphone camera technology is advancing, more and more people are using smartphones as their primary vlogging device as they’re convenient and draw the least amount of attention. But since most smartphones weren’t made specifically for vlogging, there’s a lot of options to make them more suitable for that purpose. The following are some of them.

Portable Charger

While recording with Phone Camera it takes a lot of Battery Power and so you’ll quickly need a Battery Charger. During Journey times you may not have time to charge your battery up with an AC power Adapter. So, it is best to make use of the Portable Chargers such as PowerBanks, Solar Chargers, and so on.

Tripod Mount

While recording sometimes you may want to describe the location’s important aspects at a steady point like WaterFalls, Buildings, Sceneries, etc. At that time instead of holding your camera with Hand, it is best to mount on a Tripod and get your Video Footage much steadier and Clearer.

Selfie Ring Light

Although Smartphone Cameras perform at best in Sunlight, they lack very much in the Low Light. So, at evening Times it is best to Record the Video with the help of Selfie Ring Light, as it gives some clearer image at least to you.

Directional Microphone

Smartphone Cameras are capable of recording everything nearer to you. But how about in a crowded area recording in selfie Style? The Audio quality will definitely suck at that times. So in order to overtake this defect it is best to record your videos with a directional Microphone attached to it.

Smartphone Lens Set

Although the rear camera of iPhone and other Top-notch Android mobiles capture great frames. It is best to use these extra fittings to your Smartphone as they can give extra Zooming and Clearest Focus to your Video.


Camera Gimbals are a straight metallic or plastic projection fitted to your Mobile phone to give more smoothness and less Shake to your video recordings. These also add an extra grip to your valuable asset.

Those are our best picks for budget Vloggers and if you can afford go with some Go Pro camera and its related accessories. These accessories are available at all Online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, and more. Check their prices on your desired website and before checking out take a look at important offers tabulated in and get great discounts on them.

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