Ever felt like spending too much daily? Guess what? Every person in the world feels the same unless they are born with a silver spoon. Most people always think to earn a bit more than the one they are actually earning. Fortunately, saving money is not just a big deal.

Here are some of the tips that you may cope up with. These are not much demented but following a few of these tips on the useful ones can help to save a huge amount per month.

  • Food Expense Control
  • HealthCare 
  • Beauty Expense Control
  • House Expense Control
  • Travel Tips
  • Finance Tips
  • Shopping Tips

Food Expense Control

Food is one of the major means by which people often spend heavily. People often get attracted to junk food and spend big amounts for them even though they don’t have enough calorie value. Here are some tips which anyone can save an optimum amount of money.

Expensive Drinks

Either they are soft or hard, drinks generally cost a bit high. Even though these drinks did not give any strength to people they still get attracted to expensive drinks. Reducing these drinks in daily life will definitely save a lot. Switching to water or healthy fruit juices will not bring the monthly expense in control but also give a boost to your health.

Reduce of Food Wastage

The biggest problem in the World is the almighty food wastage. People often throw the leftovers of their food into dustbins which is nothing but an indirect loss of a penny. We can preserve these leftovers for later usage by various means such as freezers, fridges, plastic bags, etc. If nothing worked out it is best to give away those food materials to the one in need. Of course, it does not save you money but can make someone’s day.

Preparing your own Meals

In modern society, people often neglect cooking due to many factors such as laziness, Not enough time, etc. But Learning to cook is not that difficult and can actually give abundant savings. Nowadays, people get addicted to restaurant foods in which prices are more than half of what it takes to prepare at home.

One big tip to save money is to prepare most of your food in Home so that the overall expense for your lunch and Dinner gets drastically decreased. While preparing meals, keep the recipes simple and preferably long-lasting if possible. Preparing recipes with low ingredients is also important to reduce meals expense.

Growing Vegetables

Do you have a garden or any empty land? Then convert this into a source of Money savings by cultivating required vegetables such as Brinjal, Tomato, Leafy vegetables, etc. In this way, you can not only get a benefit of saving money but also can get better health as most of the vegetables in the market are forcibly grown with heavy pesticides.

Health Care

Health plays a vital role in decreasing useless expenses in our daily life. For example, a regular health checkup is way cheaper than getting prone to dangerous non-viral diseases. Here are some tips regarding saving money while taking HealthCare.

Reduce Smoking

Smoking is a habit that drains a lot of cash. This is a known fact to the smokers too. But they can’t resist themselves in doing so. Trying to quit smoking is the best thing not only for your Health but also for your Money savings.


Doing exercise at home can not only put your health but also can avoid extra charges on your Gym costs. Simple regular exercises along with Yoga is enough to live a healthy life.

Beauty Expense Control

There are a lot of beauty procedures in the market especially for women such as Manicure, Pedicure, Lining, etc. These procedures are so expensive and yet people opt out to go out without these makeup procedures. Here the following tips that anyone can save themselves.

Natural Beauty Products

Mother nature is a house of many natural cleansers and beauty improvisers. Ayurvedic is a special branch of science which deals with healing all kinds of health related issues with natural ingredients. These products are generally cost efficient and some of them are available in our surroundings and the most important benefit is they are completely Side effect proof. Adapting these Ayurvedic methods can bring beauty to you at a very affordable and inturn save a lot of money.

House Expense Control

At houses people often have to deal with a lot of expenses such as Water Bill, Cable Bill, Electricity costs etc. One has to keep an eye on these expenses as neglecting these expenses can increase the budget to an unbearable situation.

Repairing products yourself

The daily life utilities such as fans, stoves, and others are easy to operate and can be easily fixed with the help of online tutorials. Whenever a device is broken or stopped working, people will either plan to buy a new one or give it to the repair shops. The best thing to save money is to verify that the particular problem is solvable on yourself. The next priority should be given to repairing people.

Reduce Power Bills

Electricity is one of the aspects that can be reduced by various means such as adapting to 5 star rating devices which consume a very low power. Also, the use of LED technology in lights can bring the electricity bills to a major level. Adapting to natural air instead of artificial air flown by ceiling fans is best to increase your savings. Unwanted lights and other devices usage also must be decreased to bring the power bills to a very low value.

Usage of products by Recycling

The products such as Bottles, Aluminium cans can be recycled or can be used in creating some beautiful artifacts which can be used for decorating. Also, in some of the developed areas, money can be earned by returning the empty old plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

Travel Tips

People often have to go around some places such as the Office, Grocery store, Friend’s house etc. These expenses can be reduced by using public transport, adapting Walking etc. 

Regular Vehicle Checkup

Owning a car or a bike is many people’s dream and most of the people buy a vehicle according to his/her interest. Regular checking up your vehicles can decrease the unwanted maintenance costs and immature wearing off vehicle parts.

Fuel Expense Control

There is only one way to reduce the fuel charges in our daily life which is nothing but a smart usage of fuel which includes factors such as sticking to the economy speed of the vehicle and turning off the engine at Traffic signals. By adopting these smart tricks we can increase the Savings value.

Advance Booking of Tickets

Whether you go by bus or a flight or by train, there are plenty of offers on the market from various companies in the form of Promo Codes, Deals, and much more. The best way to save more is to be in advance in booking and smartly utilizing those offers.

Finance Tips

Everyone’s financial status differs from one person to another depending upon the income of the person and their co family members. Here are some tips that can be useful to save more.

Smart selection of House

If a family must live in a rented house, the choice of house must be made by keeping the rental value in mind. Neglecting the rent value can increase the budget and can be a burden in future. Adjusting to a smaller house according to the rent value is better than getting stuck in high budget problems.

Budget Planning

The budget must be planned every month in such a way that the expenses do not take over the earnings value. Also, if the expenses are too heavy to handle, the life partner must share the burden by choosing an earning method. By this there is a scope of savings which can be used in emergency cases.

Money Saving Apps

The modern world is a home of million ways to save money. One of them is using Money Saving Apps in the payment of various utility bills such as Electricity, Grocery, etc. Using these apps smartly can save you a lot of money.

Cheap alternative to Expensive products

In the modern world, every costliest product has a better and cheaper alternative in all kinds of fields. Best examples are Android Mobile and Iphone. Sticking to a cheap product does not decrease your pride but actually saves you a lot of money.

Shopping Tips

The online Shopping platforms made everything simple and cost efficient and also sometimes trappy. People often get attracted to brands and spend thousands in them leaving their budget capabilities. The following are some of the tips that can be used to save more.

Affordable Clothing Stores

There are a lot of expensive clothing stores that sell low-quality clothes and then there are a lot of inexpensive clothing stores that sell high-quality clothes. The best thing is to choose wisely. Sticking to the quality clothes neglecting the brand can not only bring a lot of savings but also make your wardrobe last long.

Bulk Shopping

Nowadays a lot of stores such as More, DMart and Walmart etc. give the useful products at a very low price when purchased in bulk. Long lasting groceries and much more can be purchased in bulk along with your friends can save a lot of money.

In addition to the above, there are a lot of options to save in this modern life. The best way to save more is by learning all the tricks and tips given in journals of NewsPaper and other online means.

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