Best 5 Screen Recording Software for Trainers and Bloggers

To explain any running softwares regarding the procedure to install or to explain steps to solve a problem, screencast feature can be used. For example, to showcase your creativity when playing games like Minecraft and recreating scenes from movies and/or filming music videos in simulation games like The Sims etc.

Most of the video screen capture softwares possess many of attributes in common, such as:

  • Picture-in-Picture support while capturing video from screen and webcam
  • Annotate and editing feature 
  • Multiple File Support

The following are some of the best softwares that can be used for Screen Capture.

  1. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

It is available for both Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. It comes with a solid screen recording ability but does not provide an editor. The best thing about this is it is an open source software and has various typical recording options. 

  1. iSpring Free Cam

iSpring Free Cam, can develop glorious videos and can guide to educate, entertain, and pursue your audience with its advanced features. With this we can share the screens and record the activities on it to educate employees and students. This software supports simultaneous picture-in-picture mode of screencast video with webcam output. With this we can easily create tutorials with audio narration from the microphone. It is also provided with an option to change the size of the screen that must be captured. The best thing about this software is we can highlight any context on the screen with a particular color while narration.

  1. Atomi’s ActivePresenter

This software is available in Windows and Mac. It possesses all the features which the previous two softwares possess. In addition, there is an option to add lines, shapes, texts with styles, and effects in videos to make a comprehensive learning experience for students. 

  1. Screencast-O-Matic

This software is available in all kinds of platforms such as ChromeBook, Android, etc. and possesses all features that the above softwares has. In addition, it provides direct share option to Social Media,

  1. Screenflow by Telestream

It is only available in Mac and has all the options that previous softwares possesses. In addition this softwares gives access to a massive library with unique animations, annotations etc. It’s UI was made so clear that each and every can be known easily.

In addition, there are tons of softwares with a lot of features but among them, these are the best depending on the price and the features.

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